Gypsy Witchcraft Physiognomy part 1

The principles of philosophy demonstrate that the human features are a reflex of the mental and physical workings of the system, as it is from time to time operated upon by surrounding circumstances, and they therefore act an important part in depicting the lights and shades of temperament and disposition. So, also, the color and nature of the hair are indicative of character. In the pages immediately following will be found fully presented prognostics to be drawn from the latter, as also from the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and the whole assemblage of features.

  • The gentleman whose hair is very black and smooth, hanging far over his shoulders, and in large quantity, is mild, but resolute; cool until greatly provoked; not much inclined to excesses; constant in his attachments; not liable to many misfortunes.
  • A lady with the same kind of hair is moderate in her desires of every kind; addicted to reflection; not violent in love, but steady in her attachments.
  • If the hair is very black, short and curling, the gentleman will be very much given to liquor; somewhat quarrelsome and of unsettled temper; desirous of riches, but will often be disappointed in his wishes therein.
  • A gentleman with dark brown, long and smooth hair, is generally of a robust constitution; obstinate in his temper, eager in his pursuits, a lover of the fair sex, fond of variety in his ordinary pursuits, exceedingly curious, and of a flexible disposition. He will live long, unless guilty of early intemperance.
  • A lady with the same kind of hair will be nearly the same as the gentleman, but more steady in her conduct and attachments, especially in love. She will be of a good constitution, have many children, enjoy good health and a reasonable share of happiness.
  • If the hair is short and bushy it will make very little alteration in the gentleman or lady, but that the gentleman will be more forward to strike when provoked and the lady will be more of a scold.
  • A gentleman with light brown, long, smooth hair, is of a peaceable, even, and rather generous temper; will prevent mischief if in his power, but when very much provoked will strike furiously; but is afterwards sorry for his passion and soon appeased; strongly attached to the company of ladies and will protect them from insult. Upon the whole, he is in general of an amiable character, affable and kind.
  • A lady with the same kind of hair is tender-hearted, but hasty in temper; neither obstinate nor haughty; her inclination to love never unreasonable; her constitution will be good, but she will be seldom very fortunate.
  • A gentleman with fair hair will be of a weak constitution; his mind given much to reflection, especially on religious matters. He will be assiduous in his occupation, but not given to rambling; very moderate in his amorous wishes; but he will not live to an old age.
  • A lady with this colored hair is on the contrary of a good constitution; never to be diverted from her purpose; passionate in love affairs, never easy unless in company, and delights in hearing herself praised, especially for beauty; delights in dancing and strong exercises and commonly lives to a great age.
  • A gentleman with long red hair is cunning, artful and deceitful; he is much addicted to traffic of some kind, restless in his disposition, constantly roving and desirous of enjoying the pleasures of love. He is covetous of getting money and spends it foolishly; he is indefatigable and no obstacle will induce him to forsake his enterprise until he has seen the issue of it. He is inclined to timidity, but by reflection may correct it and pass for a man of courage.
  • A lady with the same kind of hair, is glib of tongue, talkative and vain; her temper is impatient and fiery and will not submit to contradiction; she has a constant flow of spirits and is much given to the pleasures of love. However delicate her person may seem, her constitution is generally vigorous; but she seldom lives to see old age, for obvious reasons. Her promises are seldom to be depended upon, because the next object that engrosses her attention makes her forgetful of everything that preceded it, and she will always resent any disappointment she may meet with.
  • If the hair falls off at the fore part of the head, the person will be easily led, though otherwise rational, and will often be duped when he thinks he is acting right; he will likewise frequently meet with disappointments in money matters, which will either hurt his credit, or force him to shorten his expenses.
  • If the hair falls off behind, he will be obstinate, peevish, passionate and fond of commanding others, though he has no right, and will grow angry if his advice is not followed. However preposterous, he will be fond of hearing and telling old stories and tales of ghosts and fairies, but will be a good domestic man and provide for his family to the utmost of his power.
  • If the hair forms an arch around the forehead, without being[53] much indented at the temples, both the lady and the gentleman will be innocent, credulous, moderate in all their desires, and though not ardent in their pursuits, will still be persevering. They will be modest, good-natured, prosperous and happy.
  • If the hair is indented at the temples, the person will be affable, steady, good-natured, prudent and attentive to business, of a good constitution and long-lived.
  • If the hair descends low upon the forehead, the person will be selfish and designing; of a surly disposition, unsociable and given to drinking. He will be addicted to avarice and his mind will be always intent upon the means of carrying on his schemes.
  • The forehead that is large, round and smooth, announces the lady or gentleman to be frank, open, generous and free, good-natured and a safe companion; of a good understanding and scorns to be guilty of any mean action; faithful to his promises, just in his dealings, steadfast in his engagements and sincere in his affections; he will enjoy a moderate state of health.
  • If the forehead is flat in the middle, the gentleman or lady will be found to be vainglorious and but little disposed to generosity; very tenacious of his honor, but brave; he will be fond of prying into the secrets of others, though not with the intention of betraying them; he will be fond of reading newspapers, history, novels, and plays; ardent, and very cautious of his own reputation.
  • If there be a hollow across the forehead, in the middle, with a ridge as of flesh, above, and another below, the gentleman will be a good scholar, and the lady a great manufacturer, or attentive to whatever occupation she may be engaged in. They will be warm in argument or debate; they will be firm and steady in any point they fix their minds upon and by their perseverance will generally carry their object; yet they will meet with many crosses, but will bear them with patience.
  • If the forehead juts out immediately at and over the eyebrows, running flat up to the hair, the gentleman or lady will be sullen, proud, insolent, imperious and treacherous; they will be impatient when contradicted, apt to give great abuse, and to strike if they think they can do it with advantage. They will also impose upon any person, never forgive any injury and by their misconduct make themselves many enemies.
  • If the temples are hollow, with the bones advancing towards the forehead on either side, so that the space between must be necessarily flat, with a small channel or indentation rising from the upper part of the nose to the hair, the gentleman or lady will be of a daring and intrepid temper, introducing themselves into matters where they have no business, desirous of passing for wits, and of a subtle and enterprising nature; greedy of praise, quick in quarrel, and of a wandering disposition; very lewd, and full of resentment when they feel their pride hurt. In short, they delight in mischief, riots,
  • If the eyebrows are very hairy, and that hair long and curled, with several of the hairs starting out, the gentleman or lady is of a gloomy disposition, litigious and quarrelsome, although a coward; greedy after the affairs of this world, perpetually brooding over some melancholy subject and not an agreeable companion. He will be diffident, penurious, and weak in his understanding; never addicted to any kind of learning. He will pretend much friendship, but will make his affected passion subservient to his pecuniary designs, and given to drinking, &c.
  • If a gentleman or lady has long eyebrows, with some long hairs, they will be of a fickle disposition, weak-minded, credulous and vain, always seeking after novelties and neglecting their own business; they will be talkative, pert, and disagreeable in company; very fond of contradiction, and will not bear disappointment patiently; and also much addicted to drinking, &c.
  • If the eyebrows are thick and even, that is, without any or few starting hairs, the lady or gentleman will be of an agreeable temper, sound understanding and tolerable wit; moderately addicted to pleasure, fearful of giving offence, but intrepid and persevering in support of right; charitable and generous, sincere in their professions of love and friendship and enjoy a good constitution.
  • If the eyebrow is small, thin of hair, and even, the lady or gentleman will be weak-minded, timorous, superficial and not to be depended on; they will be desirous of knowledge, but will not have patience and assiduity to give it the necessary attention; they will be desirous of praise for worthy actions, but will not have the spirit or perseverance to perform them in that degree of excellence that is requisite to attract the notice of wise men. They will be of a delicate constitution.
  • If the eyebrow is thick of hair towards the nose and goes off suddenly very thin, ending in a point, the lady or gentleman will be surly, capricious, jealous, fretful and easily provoked to rage; in their love they will be intemperate.
  • The eye that is large, full, prominent and clear, denotes a lady or gentleman to be of an ingenious and candid disposition, void of deceit and of an even, agreeable and affable disposition; modest and bashful in love, though by no means an enemy to its gratification; firm, though not obstinate; of a good understanding, of an agreeable but not brilliant wit; but clear and just in argument; inclined to extravagance and easily imposed upon.

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