Gypsy Witchcraft Physiognomy part 2

This is the second and last part of our articles about Gipsy Witchcraft Physiognomy as this knowledge was passed down along the families in a traditional way. 

The principles of philosophy demonstrate that the human features are a reflex of the mental and physical workings of the system, as it is from time to time operated upon by surrounding circumstances, and they therefore act an important part in depicting the lights and shades of temperament and disposition. So, also, the color and nature of the hair are indicative of character. In the pages immediately following will be found fully presented prognostics to be drawn from the latter, as also from the forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, chin, and the whole assemblage of features.

  • The eye that is small, but advanced in the head, shows the lady or gentleman to be of a quick wit, sound constitution, lively genius, agreeable company and conversation, good morals, but rather inclined to jealousy; attentive to business, fond of frequently changing his place, punctual in fulfilling his engagements, warm in love, prosperous in his undertakings and generally fortunate in most things.
  • The lady or gentleman whose eyes are sunk in the head is of a jealous, distrustful, malicious and envious nature; deceitful in their words and actions, never to be depended upon; cunning in overreaching others, vainglorious and associates with lewd and bad company
  • The gentleman or lady who squints, or have their eyes turned awry, will be of a penurious disposition, but punctual in their dealings.
  • A black eye is lively, brisk and penetrating, and proves the person who possesses it to be of a sprightly wit, lively conversation, not easily imposed upon, of a sound understanding, but if taken on the weak side, may be led astray for a while.
  • A hazel eye shows the person to be of a subtle, piercing and frolicsome turn, rather inclined to be arch, and sometimes mischievous, but good-natured at the bottom. He will be strongly inclined to love and not over delicate in the means of gratifying that propensity.
  • A blue eye shows the person to be of a meek and gentle temper, affable and good-natured, credulous and incapable of violent attachment; over-modest, cool and undisturbed by turbulent passions, of a strong memory, in constitution neither robust nor delicate, subject to no violent impression from the vicissitudes of life, whether good or bad.
  • A gray eye denotes the person to be of weak intellect, devoid of wit, but a plain, plodding, downright drudge, that will act as he is spirited by others. He will be slow in learning anything that requires attention; he, however, will be just to the best of his understanding.
  • A wall eye denotes the person to be of a hasty, passionate and ungovernable temper, subject to sudden and violent anger; haughty to his equals and superiors, but mild and affable to his inferiors.
  • A red, or as it is vulgarly called, a saucer eye, denotes the person to be selfish, deceitful and proud; furious in anger, fertile in the invention of plots and indefatigable in his resolution to bring them to bear.
  • A nose that comes even on the ridge, flat on the sides, with little or no hollow between the eyes, declares the man to be sulky, insolent, disdainful, treacherous and self-sufficient; if it has a point descending over the nostrils, he is avaricious and unfeeling, vainglorious and ignorant; peevish, jealous, quick in resentment, yet a coward at the bottom.
  • A nose that rises with a sudden bulge a little below the eyes, and then falls again into a kind of hollow below, is petulant and noisy, void of science and of a very light understanding.
  • The nose that is small, slender and peaked, shows the person to be of a fearful disposition, jealous, fretful and insidious, ever suspicious of those about him, catching at every word that he can interpret to his own advantage to ground his dispute upon and also very curious to know what is said and done.
  • The nose that is small, tapering round in the nostrils and cocked up, shows the person to be ingenious, smart, of a quick apprehension, giddy and seldom looking into consequences; but generous, agreeable, so as to carefully avoid giving offence; but resolute in doing himself justice when he receives an injury.
  • The lips that are thick, soft and long, announce the person to be of weak intellect, credulous and slightly peevish, but by a little soothing easily brought back to a good humor. He is much addicted to the pleasures of love, and scarcely moderate in his enjoyment of them; yet he is upright in his conduct and of a timorous temper.
  • If the under lip is much thicker than the upper, and more prominent, the person is of a weak understanding, but artful, knavish and given to chicanery to the full extent of his ability.
  • The lips that are moderately plump and even, declare the person to be good-humored, humane, sensible, judicious and just, neither giddy nor torpid, but pursuing in every particular a just medium.
  • The lips that are thin, show the person to be of a quick and lively imagination, ardent in the pursuit of knowledge, indefatigable in labor, not too much attached to money, eager in the pursuit of love, more brave than otherwise and tolerably happy in life.
  • The lips that are thin and sunk inwards, denote the person to be of a subtle and persevering disposition, everlasting in hatred and never sparing any pains to compass his revenge; in love or friendship much more moderate and uncertain.
  • The chin that is round, with a hollow between it and the lip, shows the person to be of a good-humored disposition, kind and honest; he is sincere in his friendship and ardent in his love; his understanding is good and his genius capacious. If he has a dimple it makes him better.
  • The chin that comes down flat from the edge of the lips and ends in a kind of a chisel form, shows the person to be silly, credulous, ill-tempered and greedy of unmerited honors; captious, wavering and unsteady; he will affect great modesty in the presence of others, though he will not scruple to do the vilest actions when he thinks himself secure from discovery.
  • The chin that is pointed upwards shows the person to be much given to contrivances. However fair he may speak to you, you can never depend on his friendship, as his purpose is only to make you subservient to his own designs. In love his generosity will be of the same stamp.
  • Of the face in general, the person whose features are strong, coarse and unpleasant to the eye, is of a selfish, brutal, rough and unsocial disposition; greedy of money, harsh in expressions, but will sometimes fawn with a bad grace to gain his ends.
  • The face that is plump, round and ruddy, denotes the person to be of an agreeable temper, a safe companion, hearty, jovial, fond of company, of sound principles and a clear understanding, faithful in love, &c.
  • The face that is thin, smooth and even, with well-proportioned features, shows the person to be of a good disposition, but penetrative and active; somewhat inclined to suspicion, yet of an agreeable conversation; assiduous in the pursuits of love and strongly addicted to the delights of love.
  • A face whose cheek bones jut out with thin jaws, is of a restless and thinking disposition; fretful, &c.
  • A face that is pale by nature, denotes a timorous disposition, but greatly desirous of carnal pleasures.
  • A face that is unequally red, whether streaked or appearing in spots, shows the person to be weak both in body and mind, yielding easily to affliction and sickness.
  • A face blotched shows the person to be addicted to drinking and vice, though frequently possessing the art to conceal the inclination therefor.
  • The head that is large and round shows that the person has a tolerable understanding, but not near so good as he imagines.
  • The head that is small and round, or if the face comes tapering, shows the person of an acute, penetrating disposition, much given to bantering humor, but of great sensibility.
  • The head that is flat on either side, and deep from the face to the back, shows the person to be of a good understanding, deep penetration, great memory and of an agreeable temper; of slow belief and not easily imposed upon.
  • Big and broad ears signify a simple man, of no understanding; sluggish, slothful and of an ill memory. Small ears denote a good understanding; but very small ears signify nothing but mischief and malice. Those that have them well proportioned, and neither too small nor too large, are persons of good understanding, wise, discreet, honest, shamefaced and courageous. Those that have them somewhat long and thin, are bold, impudent, unlearned, gluttons and very proud and scornful.
  • A thin, soft beard denotes a person lustful and effeminate, of a tender body, fearful, delicate and inconstant.
  • A red beard denotes first, a placid forehead, and the person is courteous and friendly, but not without some craft; is a very great flatterer, very soon angry and affects consequence.
  • A dark beard is good, but the possessor is usually of a melancholy disposition; yet it denotes a person to be ingenious, sincere, thoughtful, constant, cordial, bold and fit to make a warrior.
  • A pale beard denotes a phlegmatic person, who is temperate enough and tolerably prudent.
  • He that hath a decent beard, handsome and thick of hair, is good-natured and reasonable in all things.
  • Those who have little or no beard, but a small mustache, are of an ill humor, but very luxurious.

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