Charging Objects with Reiki

Reiki renders a strong dose of healing, positive and protective energy that can be used even to charge and empower objects.  Such objects can be gifted to people who require them and they can increase the effectiveness of a healing session and improve the process. The list of objects that can be charged through Reiki energy is diverse ranging from crystals to even cars. An affirmative piece of paper can also be charged with it. By following few steps you can certainly charge different objects.

The first step is cleansing which can be optional but quite useful and depends on the object being attuned. When an object is being owned previously, clearing them from all the negative energy would be quite essential. Also when you are performing sessions of Reiki with crystals, cleansing of stones after each session is highly recommended. Cleansing can be done by dipping the object in saltwater bath for several hours. Another method is to place the objects under moonlight at a full moon night. Burn a sage stick or sandalwood stick and then hold the object in smoke for several minutes. This method is known as smudging.

The second step for charging is to simply hold the objects or place your hands on objects and then render Reiki with affirmation and intention for a temporary attunement.

Level two Reiki practitioners can infuse an object with enhanced and more powerful attunement as they use Reiki symbols. Practitioners can follow different methods of charging objects.

Symbols can be used to charge objects and the most basic method is to wrap Sei He Ki or Hon Shan Ze Sho Nen with Cho Ku Rei and then send Reiki with affirmation and intention into the objects. Continue this process for five minutes or at least until the flow of energy dissipates. The time depends on the object and intentions of the practitioner.

The last part is sealing. Like cleansing it is also considered to be optional but closing or summing up a Reiki session is quite essential. Plasticising sprays, wax, or varnish can be effective as sealants. Reiki energy only compensates your time.

Charging objects with Reiki energy has become quite common practice in different systems of Reiki. The materials or objects that can be charged with Reiki are a little specific as mentioned above almost all objects can be charged with Reiki. However the most effective ones are natural materials including water, crystals, natural stones, fabric, and wood. The receiving and transmission of energy depends on the properties and particularities of different materials.

Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum are excellent to hold Reiki energy but they cannot take unlimited amount of energy and have to be recharged yet they take Reiki energy with quite precision and intensity. They are excellent to attract money. Crystals are used most abundantly in Reiki therapy sessions as they can store energy at huge level. Wood can be used to clean and protect energy rooms, houses, cars, and offices and quite durable. Water filled with Reiki energy is quite healthy to drink with the essence of medicinal minerals.

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