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Ring of Astaroth for Relations, Communication and Friends
Satanic Jewelry, Demon Ring of Astaroth for Relations, Communication and Friends this is Satanic Jewelry and a Sterling Silver Ring
Satanic Jewelry, Demon Ring of Astaroth for Relations, Communication and Friends this is Satanic Jewelry and a Sterling Silver Ring
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Ring of Astaroth for Relations, Communication and Friends


 This special silver ring for relations with the sigil of Astaroth is perfect for

  • • Do you find it hard to find the love of your life?
  • • Your friends don’t love you?
  • • Your family doesn’t care about you?
  • • Your children don’t even notice you?
  • • Your wife/husband does no longer look at you with the same eyes?

I feel with you. We have had many such cases when we were only doing energy sessions. So when we discovered many years ago the powers of Astaroth, things resolved very fast when we finished this type of sessions. The only problem was that after a few months we got so many requests that we just couldn’t help everybody due to a lack of time. We didn’t want to raise our prices so we created the silver ring of Astaroth, available for everyone and specially for those struggling with love issues. After almost 2 years of selling this ring I must say that the results are overwhelming. If you need to get out of the loop of people not loving you, the Astaroth ring is one of the best options available.

A great sterling silver ring with the sigil of Astaroth engraved and our special consecration session to make sure it will work for you. The ring also is engraved with the special summoning enn of Astaroth The only thing you have to do is wear it. Nothing else, promised. You don’t have to offer or sacrifice anything. Astaroth will always be with you to help you.
It will take about 21 – 28 days for the ring to adjust to you, but after that you won’t believe the great things that will be happening to you.

She was known to the Canaanites as ASTARTE, to the Sumerians, she was known as INANNA, to the Babylonians, she was known as ISHTAR to the Assyrians and the Akkadians, ASHTART, ASHTORETH, ASHERAH, and ASTORETH, to the Egyptians, ISIS, ASHET AND ASET, to the Phoenicians, she was known as TANIT-ASHTART and ASHTAROTH. Her Ugaritic name was ANAT.

Astaroth is a Guidance Councilor for both daemons and humans. She deals in mostly human affairs
Astaroth rules 40 legions of spirits and is a Day daemoness
Astaroth is also The Treasurer of Hell
Astaroth is a very ancient Goddess. She has been with humanity, as have Satan and Beelzebub, since the beginning. Astaroth is Satan’s daughter. She did not want this to be known until recently . She has always been very popular, much loved and revered in locales where she was worshipped. Because she has been with us since the beginning, she has been known by several different names, as she has been the Chief Goddess in many different areas and cultures. She has been known as a Goddess of fertility, love, and war.

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Materials: sterling silver

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