Who is your guardian angel?

To know more about your personal guardian angel, click the name of the angel and you will go to the details page of your personal angel and find out his powers, regency, and more. You can also get an attunement (divine connection) with your personal angel.

We are constantly updating this page with more guardian angels. Check from time to time if your guardian angel is not listed yet


Vehuiah March 21 - March 25 Leadership, taking initiative, starting a new project, starting your own business or a new career, gaining abundance, and creative projects
Leliel March 26 - March 30  Bringing peace and tranquility into your life, relationships and unions, divorce and break ups, conflict resolution, communication, support
Sitael March 31 -  April 4 Building, construction, honesty, authenticity, negotiation, generosity, fertility, strategy, enthusiasm, science, and support
Elemiah April 5 - April 9 Justice, Authority, Destiny, Initiative, Commitment, Positivity, Peace, Forgiveness, Betrayal, Exhaustion, Superiority of Inferiority, Pessimism
Mahasiah  April 10 - April 14 Fairness, Dreams, Learning, Self Reflection, Simplicity, Synchronicities, Divine Order, Wickedness, Ignorance, Regret, Forgiveness
Lelahel April 15 - April 20 Fame, Recognition, Creativity, Healing, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Passion, Beauty, Success, Progress
Achaiah April 21 - April 25  Patience, Faith, Occult, Mystery, Endurance, Communication, Relationships, Calmness, Goodness, Intelligence, Knowledge, Information
Cahetel April 26 - April 30 Harvest, Fertility, Abundance, Blessings, Protection, Conception, Pregnancy, Destiny, Gratitude, Nature
Haziel May 1 - May 5 Forgiveness, Innocence, Peace, Mercy, Friendship, Commitment, Grace, Harmony, Reconciliation
Aladiah May 6 - May 10 Grace, Karma, Intuition, Integrity, Tolerance, New Beginnings, Second Chances
Lauviah May 11 - May 15 Prophecy, Revelation, Premonition, Peace, Sleep, Victory, Success, Kindness, Wisdom
Hahaiah May 16 - May 20 Dreams, Prophecies, Mediumship, Revelations, Refuge, Occult, Cleanliness, Hygiene
Lezalel May 21 - May 25 Loyalty, Fidelity, Reunions, Logic, Memory, Strength, Truth, Unity, Union, Divinity, Harmony
Mebahel May 26 - May 31 Justice, Truth, Innocence, Protection, Honesty, Integrity, Mercy, Karma
Hariel June 1 - June 5  Purity, Addictions, Success, Fortune, Innovation, Creativity, Connections
Hakamiah June 6 - June 10 Loyalty, royalty, freedom, unconditional love, politics, leadership, betrayal, jealousy, selfishness
Loviah June 11 - June 15 Revelations, philosophy, ascension, joy, happiness, ease, subconscious, dreams, anxiety, manipulation, clarity
Caliel  June 16 - June 21 Justice, Truth, Knowledge, Honesty, Integrity, Fairness,Divine Order, Justice System, Laws, Unjust, Unfair
Leuviah  June 22 - June 26 Intelligence, genius, intellect, past lives, memories, akashic records, divine library, patience, rationality, generosity, volunteer
Pahaliah June 27 - July 1 Freedom, Rescue, Relationships, Commitment, Will Power, Strength, Instinct, Infidelity, Struggle
Nelchael July 2 – July 6  Learning, stress relief, wisdom, protection, astronomy, teacher, mental structures, ignorance. 
Ieiael July 7 - July 11  Generosity, goodness, leadership, knowledge, understanding, scholarship, lack of knowledge, disconnection from God
Melahel July 12 - July 16 Healing, doctors, plants, healthy food, pacifies situations, protection, illness, disease, 
Haiviah July 17 - July 21 Protection, demonic energies, warnings, intuition, danger, justice, truth
Nithhaiah July 22 - July 27  Love, wisdom, spiritual protection, abundance, peace, metaphysics, and the occult, love, relationships
Haaiah July 28 - August 1 Discretion, power, family, divine order, truth, structure, politics
Ierathel August 2 - August 6 Confidence, source of energy, liberates from slander, gossip, confusion, clarity, emotional healing
Saeehiah August 7 - August 12 Calmness, peace, foresight, psychic abilities, happiness, depression, anxiety, accident, avoiding catastrophes
Reiaiel August 13 - August 17  Liberations, freedom, meditation, higher consciousness, new beginnings, behavior, understanding, healing, personal issues. 
Omael August 18 - August 22  Success, Achievements, exercise, fertility, tolerance, the mind, inspiration, low energy. 
Lecabel  August 23 - August 28  Intellect, Service to others, Problem solving, Abundance, Future planning, Perfectionism.
Vasariah  August 29 - September 02 Forgiveness, Wisdom, Goals, Modesty, Judgement, Equality, Illness, Generosity, Guilt
Iehuiah September 3 - September 7  Subordination, Leadership, Authority, Teamwork, Letting go, Conflict, Trust, Goodness
Lehahiah  September 8 - September 12 Obedience, Faith, Trust, Discipline, Intelligence, Peace, Harmony, Justice, Resistance
Chavakiah September 13 - September 17  Family, Relationships, Harmony, Peace, Love, Joy, Reconciliation, Humanities, Loyalty, Paradise
Menadel September 18 - September 23 Dedication, Success, Work, Career, Cooperation, Freedom, Truth, Willpower. 
Aniel September 24 - September 28 Healing, Emotions, Breaking Old Patterns, Cycles of life, Karma, Cause and Effect, Free Will. 
Haamiah September 29 - October 03  Rituals, Sexuality, Love, Harmony, Peace, Balance, Avoiding Conflict, Against Violence
Rehael October 4 - October 8 Submission, Humility, Listening, Regeneration, Paternal Love, Obedience, Respect, Healing, Mental Illness
Ieiazel October 9 - October 13  Comfort, Renewal, Breaking Free, Art, Writing, Books, Passion, Addictions, Balance, Peace. 
Hahahel October 14 - October 18

Spirituality, Positivity, Knowledge, Premonitions, Development, Life Mission

Michael October 19 - October 23 Vocation, Foresight, Love, Justice, Protection, Work
Veuliah October 24th - October 28th Victory, Bravery, Intelligence, Justice, Protection, Karma
Yelahiah October 29 - November 2 Prosperity, Money, Justice
Sealiah November 3 - November 7 Willingness, Development, Health and Healing, Work
Ariel November 8 - November 12 Recognition, Gratitude, Philosophy, Inventor, Psychic abilities, connected to nature, Activist
Asaliah November 13 - November 17 Contemplation, Glorification, Global perspective, Initiative, FInder of truth, Revelation, Purity of intention
Mihael November 18 - November 22 Fertility, Marital harmony, Reconciliation, Reproduction, Protection, Wisdom, Inner and outer peace
Vehuel November 23 - November 27 Greatness, Elevation, Wisdom, Visualization, Meditation, Illumination, Sensitive, Generous, Altruism, Diplomacy
Daniel November 28 - December 2 Eloquence, Communication, Oratory skills, Leadership, Kindness, Benevolence, Truth, Harmony, Expression
Hahasiah December 3 - December 7th

Truth, Wisdom, Strength, Grace, Illusions, Healing, Sickness, Unconditional Support

Imamiah December 8 - December 12 Simplicity, Courage, Duality, Shadow work, Leadership, Passion
Nanael December 13 - December 16

Spiritual power, meditation, learning, knowledge, connection to the divine

Nithael December 17 - December 21 Inner child, Healing, Eternal Youth, Synchronicity, Celebrities
Mebahiah December 22 - December 26 : Intellect, Behavior Patterns, Heart, Mysticism, Desires
Poiel December 27 - December 31

Laughter, Humor, Hope, Positivity, Fortune, Support, Humility, Talents, Esteem

Nemamiah January 1 to January 5

Discernment, Freedom, Liberation, Life Plans, Purpose, Sight, Understanding, Soul Mission

Yeialel January 6 - January 10 Bravery and honesty, Ability to discern with rigor, Highly logical, Sense of justice, Ability to discipline one's thoughts
Harahel January 11 - January 15

Abundance, Intellectual wealth, Creativity, Likes to learn, Fertility, Productivity

Mitzrael January 16 - January 20 Reparation, Awareness, Intellectual work, Healing, Simplicity, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual well-being
Umabel January 21 - January 25

Friendship, Physics, Astronomy, Astrology, Instructor, Teacher, Helps develop awareness

Iahhel January 26 - January 30

Philosophy, Knowledge, Modesty, Payment of karmic debts, Positive, Harmonious, Beauty, Wisdom

Anauel January 31 - February 4 Unity, Logic, Practical intelligence, human relations, Initiator, Entrepreneur, Equitable, Coordinator, Planner
Mehiel February 5 - February 9 Inspiration, Creative abilities, Innovative, Intellectual strength, Productive life, Harmony, Vitality
Damabiah February 10 - February 14

Purity, Wisdom, Goodness,​​ Altruistic, Generous, Linked to water, Unconditional love

Manakel February 15 - February 19 Kindness, Stable, Confident, Interpreter of dreams, Benevolence, Unleashed potential, High morals, Soothing energy, Understanding good and evil
Eyael February 20 - February 24 Transformation, Metamorphosis, Archaeology, Origins, Universal Truths, Knowledge, Sciences, Sublimation
Habuiah February 25 - February 29 Fertility, Health, Selfishness, Humility, Imperfections, Unconditional Love, Protection
Rochel March 1st  - March 5th  Money, Justice, Good Intentions, Empowerment, Unconditional Love, Depression, Peace, Happiness
Iabamiah March 6st  - March 10th  Development, Fertility, Intelligence, Health, and Healing
Haiaiel March 11 - March 15

Justice, Protection, Problem Solving, Divine Will, Detachment

Mumiah March 16th - March 20th  Money, Development, Intelligence, Life Mission, and Work